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Seated Stretch

Use This Guide as Your Starting Point Each Day

Alternating routines adds additional cognitive stimulation!


  • On Mondays, begin with Arm Stretches.


  • On Tuesdays, begin with Knee Lifts.


  • On Wednesdays, begin with Big Hugs.


  • On Thursdays, begin with Foot Circles.


  • On Fridays, begin with Air Boxing.


  • On Saturdays and Sundays, pick your own starting point.

Seated Stretch 

There are 5 different exercises within this Motion Exercise.

Arm Stretches

  • Sit up as straight as possible without straining.


  • Lift both arms above the head as high as you can.


  • Spread all your fingers open as wide as possible then open and close both fists 10 times.


  • Spread your fingers open again and keep them open during the leaning and swaying moves.


  • Lean as far to the left as you comfortably and safely can and hold the lean for a count of 5.


  • Sit up straight.


  • Repeat the left lean 10 times.


  • Sit up straight again.


  • Follow the same instructions but lean to the right 10 times.


  • Now, with your fingers still stretched open, sway from left to right 10 times.


  • Sit up straight again.

Knee Lifts

  • Lift your left knee up and hold it for a count of 5.


  • Repeat this 10 times.


  • Lift your right knee up and hold it for a count of 5.


  • Repeat this 10 times.


  • Now alternate lifting the left and right knees for a count of 10 times while holding for a count of 5 in between lifts.

Big Hugs 

  • Wrap your arms around your shoulders and squeeze yourself in a big hug.


  • Hold the squeeze for a count of 5 and release.


  • Relax your arms at your side.


  • Shake your shoulders 5 times.


  • Repeat the Big Hugs exercise 10 times.

Foot Circles

  • Raise your left foot off the ground at a height that is comfortable for you.


  • Point your toes outward and rotate your foot to the left 10 times.


  • Repeat the rotation to the right 10 times.


  • Switch to the right leg and repeat the steps.

Air Boxing

  • Bend both arms in towards your chest.


  • Make fists in both hands.


  • Starting with the left arm, extend it out in front of you as if you are boxing.


  • Bring in the left arm as you extend the right arm.


  • Continue alternating arms for a count of 20.


  • Do not actually hit anyone during the exercise!