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Nostalgia, Notes & Neurons


“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” – Plato

Although some complexities of the brain-music relationship remain unclear, it is widely accepted that music has far-reaching effects on emotional and cognitive health.

In fact, there is documented evidence that music benefits the brain and body in many ways.


Music Has Been Shown To

Reduce Anxiety   

Improve Sleep 

Manage Blood Pressure  

Decrease Pain

Increase Alertness   

Improve Memory

Make You Feel Happier

Help You Find Closure With the Past

Increase Creativity   

Improve Gait

Strengthen Emotional Bonds 

Improve Recall   


Music from the past evokes memories and emotions that enable you to relive events and moments that helped shape who you are today.

It is healthy to reminisce through music because it allows you to come to terms with the happy and sad times of your life in a safe manner.

Listening to music is one of the most complex challenges a brain goes through.

When the brain is exposed to new music, it forces itself to undergo a series of complex steps in order to process the new sounds, words, and rhythms.

Most senior-focused music programs rely only on the nostalgic effect of music.

Nostalgia, Notes, & Neurons, also capitalizes on the endorphin boost that music naturally provides and the valuable effects that nostalgic songs offer.

Then it takes the power of music even further by incorporating new music.

This proprietary approach turns music into a “super tool for brain health” and can have widespread positive effects on emotional and cognitive health.

Brain Stim Interactive includes a Nostalgia Song and a Neuron Song each week as a Cognitive Engagement of the Day.

The full version of Nostalgia, Notes & Neurons includes a Nostalgia Song and a Neuron Song every day plus Cognitive ENgagements of the Day that compliment the cognitive impact of the musical stimulation.

You may subscribe to the full version of Nostalgia, Notes & Neurons by clicking here:

Music Selections in Nostalgia, Notes & Neurons

  • The goal of this cognitive exercise is to expose participants to both familiar and unfamiliar music.


  • Great care has been taken to ensure the song choices in the Guides offer the best opportunity for cognitive and emotional health.


  • The Nostalgia Song should be at least somewhat familiar to most seniors.


  • The Neuron Song should be less familiar to most older seniors. This includes listening to unfamiliar renditions of familiar songs, songs from various eras and genres, and songs that are popular today.


  • The participant does not have to like the song choices for the activity to be effective cognitively.


  • Emotional reactions to music cannot be predicted. Do not proceed if a selection is obviously upsetting to the participant.


  • It is up to the Activity Partner to gauge whether a song is appropriate or not for their participant.


  • A video link to the Nostalgia Song is included as the Cognitive Engagement of the Day on Saturday.


  • A video link to the Neuron Song is included as the Cognitive Engagement of the Day on Sunday.


  • If the video will not play after several attempts, go to and search the clean version of the song in the guide.


DISCLAIMER CONCERNING SUGGESTED MUSICAL SELECTIONS: The playlist / musical selections suggested for your use with the participant is not a requirement or permission to use the music or lyrics of the suggested piece. Brain Stim, LLC does not license music. We strongly encourage you to obtain any necessary license from appropriate agencies prior to the use of any selection in conjunction with the Brain Stim Cognitive Engagement Program or Nostalgia, Notes & Neurons. Brain Stim, LLC is not responsible for providing permission or license to use any selection. You shall indemnify Brain Stim, LLC to the fullest extent not prohibited by law for any claims, damages, attorneys’ fees, and other costs incurred by Brain Stim, LLC as a result of your failure to obtain the necessary permission and license to use any selection of music.

Other Information

  • To play the selection simply click on the arrow on the video to start the video.


  • You can pause the video by clicking on the video during play.


  • Use the arrows below the video to replay the video.


  • You do not have to download any songs onto your computer.


  • You may listen to the songs for free.


  • If ads appear in the video follow the instructions on each video to skip through the ads as soon as you can.


  • Remember, the object of this activity is to listen to music, not to watch videos.


  • The video content has not been vetted.


  • Turn the screen away from the participant – especially when playing the Neuron Songs.