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Just Breathe!

Welcome to Just Breathe!

There are numerous benefits to practicing proper breathing techniques including having positive effects on brain health:

  • Helps you focus


  • Enhances attention to detail


  • Improves concentration


  • Promotes the growth of new neural pathways


  • Reduces stress and anxiety

How to Use Just Breathe!

  • Just Breathe! can be done prior to singing to open up the lungs. 


  • Just Breathe! is also a wonderful exercise you can do quickly at the first sign that someone is becoming anxious, agitated, or just needs to refocus.


  • Like many of the Brain Stim Cognitive Engagement Program activities, Just Breathe! is just as beneficial for the Activity Partner as it is for the participant(s) so make Just Breathe! an important part of your day too!


Follow this guide or one recommended to you by your healthcare professional.


If available, use a relaxing aromatherapy scent like lemon, lavender, jasmine, cinnamon, or peppermint prior to beginning the exercise.


If needed to encourage calmness, turn the lights down low while maintaining enough light for safety.


Choose a comfortable but sturdy chair that has a flat seat.

Just Breathe! 

  • Close your eyes if it is safe to do so.


  • Sit up as tall as possible with your shoulders relaxed but try not to slouch.


  • Close your mouth and slowly breathe in through the nose as deeply as you can.


  • Focus on expanding your abdomen instead of your chest.


  • Pause before you exhale.


  • Exhale using a different scenario from the list below.


  • Repeat 5 times or until the desired effect is reached. As you exhale for the last time during this exercise, use one of the scenarios that are listed and discuss what was imagined if time allows.


  • Make sure to rotate through all the scenarios below. Notice how the answers change as you repeat scenarios over time.

Scenarios to Use During Exhalation 

Choose a different scenario each day for an added cognitive stimulation!

…Imagine you are blowing bubbles with gum. What flavor is the bubble gum?


…Imagine you are blowing out candles on a birthday cake from your past. How many candles are there?  Who is celebrating with you?


…Imagine you are making a wish as you blow on a dandelion. What did you wish for?


…Imagine you are a child blowing bubbles on the playground. How many bubbles do you see?


…Imagine you are playing an instrument in a marching band or orchestra. Which instrument are you playing?


…Imagine you are blowing into a conch shell. Which beach are you on?


…Imagine you are blowing kisses to someone you love. Who is it?


…Imagine you are blowing bubbles underwater. What temperature is the water?


…Imagine you are blowing on a harmonica. What song are you playing?


…Imagine you are blowing new-fallen snow. How cold are you?


…Imagine you are blowing into a straw. What does the drink taste like?


…Imagine you are blowing spilled salt off a table? What does your meal taste like?


…Imagine you are blowing into the cold air to see your breath. Where are you?


…Imagine you are blowing up balloons for a party. What are you celebrating?