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Cognitive Engagements of the Day

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Cognitive Engagements of the Day

  • Cognitive Engagements of the Day are the heart of Brain Stim Interactive.


  • These are the dementia-friendly exercises that are designed to increase Cognitive Reserve and Strengthen Neuro-Plasticity.


  • Activities include combinations of steps that use Executive Function, Memory & Recall, Analyzed Thinking, Creativity & Imagination, Kinesthetic Learning, and Sensory Stimulation.


  • Each day you will have written instructions explaining in small steps how to complete the Cognitive Engagement of the Day.


  • Since each step of the activity may use a different area of cognition, it is important to complete all the steps as instructed.


  • All instructions are written in the way you, the Activity Partner, should give the instruction to the participant.


  • Only the instructions that begin with AP: are intended for you, the Activity Partner, to complete.


  • Remember the entire Brain Stim Cognitive Engagement Program uses a Process-Focused Strategy so it is not necessary for the participant to follow an instruction perfectly. Let them do it their way as long as they are attempting to follow the process.


  • For instance, if the instruction is to go from left to right and they go from right to left, it is okay. If they do not get any part of an instruction correct, that would be an indication the AP needs to complete the step for them.


  • When there is a step that requires your completion, use the Phrases Guide and talk through the step to explain what you are doing and why you are doing it.


  • Some activities will include verbal instructions via a video as well as written instructions. When this occurs, simply click on the video to listen. You may replay the videos.


  • Some, but not all, of these activities will require an item from the Engagement Supply Kit. 


  • It is very important to use the item exactly as described and to return the item to the Kit for future use.


  • Most Kit items are used repeatedly throughout the program.


  • Follow the instructions in How to Use the Engagement Supply Kit to ensure you always have the items you need.


  • Refer back to the Guide for Implementation as needed.