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4. Brainercise for Week 27


Remember, it is not important whether these exercises are easy or difficult.

Over the course of the program, the participant will engage in numerous cognitive processes which is what will keep the healthy areas of their brain active.

This is what can build and strengthen their cognitive reserve and increase their brain’s neuroplasticity to help slow dementia-related decline.


There may be steps that they cannot complete depending on what area(s) of the brain have been damaged.

Use the Process-Focused Strategy Phrases to encourage them as much as possible and only complete the steps that they are unable to complete at all.

What matters is the participant attempts each of the steps to the best of their ability at this moment. 


Complete the Seated Stretch exercises before beginning to increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain.

Click the link to view the Seated Stretch Instructions: https://brainstimforseniors.com/lessons/2-motion-seated-stretch-instructions/


To relieve anxiety, also do the Just Breathe! exercise or one of the Mindfulness Moments exercises.

Click the link to view the Just Breathe! Instructions: https://brainstimforseniors.com/lessons/1-just-breathe-instructions/

Click the link to view the Mindfulness Moments Instructions: https://brainstimforseniors.com/lessons/3-mindfulness-moments-instructions/


Complete the GIG of the Day Emotional Support Activities prior to beginning the Brainercise activity so everyone will be in a positive, happy state of mind.

Click the link to access the GIG of the Day Emotional Support Activities: https://brainstimforseniors.com/access-my-courses/emotional-support/


Click here for information about the process to follow when doing the Brainercise Exercises: https://brainstimforseniors.com/lessons/5-about-the-cognitive-engagements-of-the-day/


Before beginning the exercises, have the participant look back and forth to the right and then to the left a few times without moving the head.

Science suggests this movement increases concentration and problem-solving ability.

Brainercise 27a

Kit Supplies Needed:

Dry Erase Marker

Dry Erase Die


  • Use the marker to write the following letters on the sides of the die: T, S, R, C
  • Roll the die with your right hand.
  • With your left hand, draw the following on the table depending on what letter you rolled:

T: Use your left index finger to draw a triangle

S: Use your right pinkie to draw a square

R: Use your left middle finger to draw a rectangle

C: Use your right pointer finger to draw a circle.

If you roll a blank die, clap your hands 3 times.


Brainercise 27b

Kit Supplies Needed:

Color Circles




  • Place the color circles in a row on the table.
  • Turn the circles so that the first circle has the rough side up.
  • Alternate turning up the rough side and the smooth side.
  • Place a bowl on top of 5 circles.
  • Toss until you reach these goals:

Toss a ball into the bowl that is closest to the color of the ball.

Toss a ball into the bowl that looks like the color of the sky.

Toss a ball into the bowl that looks like the color of grass.

Toss a ball into the bowl that looks like the color of hair.


Brainercise 27c

Kit Supplies Needed:


7 Baking Cups

Dry Erase Folder

Dry Erase Marker


  • Use the marker to write the numbers 1- 7 in a row on the folder. longways.
  • Place a baking cup below each number.
  • Pick up a domino and place it in the cup that matches the largest number on the domino.
  • Continue until all the dominoes are in a baking cup.


Redo the activity using the smallest number on the domino to determine which baking cup it should go in.

Brainercise 27d

Kit Supplies Needed:

Color Gears


  • Place the gears in a loose pile on the table.
  • Without counting the gears, which color does it look like you have the most of?
  • Without counting, which color do you think you have the least of?
  • Stack the gears on top of each other in no particular order.
  •  Answer the questions above.
  • Now separate the colors either by stacking like colors together or by putting them in a loose pile.
  • Which do you have more of?
  • Which do you have the least number of?


Brainercise 27e

Kit Supplies Needed:

Mini Boggle


Notebook Paper


  • Write your first name in a verticle line (up and down the paper).
  • Erase or cross out any duplicate letters.
  • Pick a number 1-10.
  • Shake the game 4 times.
  • Give each letter a point for each row that has that letter as the first letter.
  • Continue until at least one letter in your name has the number of points that match the number you picked at the beginning of the exercise.


Brainercise 27f

Nostalgia Exercise Instructions:

  • Listen to or sing the suggested Nostalgia Song or one of your choice as many times as you like and time allows.
  • What were you doing in life when this song was popular?
  • How does hearing this song now make you feel?

Brainercise 27g

Neuron Exercise Instructions:

  • Listen to the suggested Neuron Song or one of your choice.
  • While listening, focus on the lyrics (or melody).
  • Next, listen during the verses or main melody.
  • Try to sing along during the chorus (the part that repeats).
  • It does not matter if you sing the lyrics correctly or not.
  • Repeat the process as many times as time and preference allow.