2. Brainercise for Week 17 – Brain Stim, LLC

2. Brainercise for Week 17


Remember, it is not important whether these exercises are easy or difficult.

Over the course of the program, the participant will engage in numerous cognitive processes which is what will keep the healthy areas of their brain active.

This is what can build and strengthen their cognitive reserve and increase their brain’s neuroplasticity to help slow dementia-related decline.


There may be steps that they cannot complete depending on what area(s) of the brain have been damaged.

Use the Process-Focused Strategy Phrases to encourage them as much as possible and only complete the steps that they are unable to complete at all.

What matters is the participant attempts each of the steps to the best of their ability at this moment. 


Before beginning the exercises, have the participant look back and forth to the right and then to the left a few times without moving the head.

Science suggests this movement increases concentration and problem-solving ability.

Brainercise 17a

Kit Supplies Needed:


Notebook Paper

2 Dice


  • In one collum, write down 5 words that describe something (adjectives) and number them 1-5.
  • Make a second collum of 5 more adjectives and number them 1-5.
  • Roll one die with your right hand.
  • Choose the word from the first collum that matches the number rolled.
  • Roll the second die with your left hand.
  • Choose the adjective from the second collum that matches the number rolled.
  • Try to name something that both words describe.
  • Make a new list of words if you want to.
  • Continue as long as time allows.


For instance, if you rolled a 2 and a 5 and the #2 adjective was “scary” and the number 5 adjective was “blue” your answer might be “a monster”.

Brainercise 17b

Kit Supplies Needed:



  • See if you can guess the person or place the nickname refers to:

“The Man in Black”

“The Windy City”

“The Iron Lady”

“The King” (of Rock-n-Roll)

“The Godfather of Soul”

“The Capitol of the World”

“The Big Easy”

“Land of the Rising Sun”

“Old Saint Nick”

“The Big Apple”


Answers: Johnny Cash, Chicago, Margaret Thatcher, Elvis, James Brown, Paris, New Orleans, Japan, Santa Claus, New York City

Brainercise 17c

Kit Supplies Needed:

Alphabet Letters


  • Pick one letter at a time.
  • Try to name a place for each letter picked.
  • Continue as long as time allows.


Be creative! For instance, if the letter is “F”, the place could be France or a fireplace.

Brainercise 17d

Kit Supplies Needed:

Deck of Cards


  • Pick someone to shuffle the deck.
  • Lay the deck face down in front of you.
  • Deal one card each to you and your AP.
  • Call out either “pineapple” or “cow”.
  • Turn the cards over.
  • If you called out “pineapple”, the person with the highest valued card gets the pair.
  • If you called out “cow” the person with the lowest value gets the card.
  • Continue until all the cards are dealt.
  • Play again and pick 2 new words to call out.


Brainercise 17e

Kit Supplies Needed:

Coloring Page

Colored Pencils


  • Color the page by trying to use colors that are NOT the colors the object(s) in the picture usually are.