2. Brainercise for Week 13 – Brain Stim, LLC

2. Brainercise for Week 13


Remember, it is not important whether these exercises are easy or difficult.

Over the course of the program, the participant will engage in numerous cognitive processes which is what will keep the healthy areas of their brain active.

This is what can build and strengthen their cognitive reserve and increase their brain’s neuroplasticity to help slow dementia-related decline.


There may be steps that they cannot complete depending on what area(s) of the brain have been damaged.

Use the Process-Focused Strategy Phrases to encourage them as much as possible and only complete the steps that they are unable to complete at all.

What matters is the participant attempts each of the steps to the best of their ability at this moment. 


Before beginning the exercises, have the participant look back and forth to the right and then to the left a few times without moving the head.

Science suggests this movement increases concentration and problem-solving ability.

Brainercise 13a

Kit Supplies Needed:

Cones 3

9 Pipe cleaners


  • Weave a pipe cleaner through the medium-sized holes.
  • Weave another pipe cleaner through the smallest sized holes.
  • Weave another pipe cleaner through the largest holes.


If weaving is too difficult, try to poke the pipe cleaners through one side and out of the holes on the other side of the cones.

Brainercise 13b

Kit Supplies Needed: 

1 piece of Construction Paper


  • Tear the paper into tiny shreds.
  • Use the pieces to make a picture of your choice.


The smaller the pieces are, the more pieces you will have to make your picture.

Brainercise 13c

Kit Supplies Needed:


5 different alphabet letters


  • Spread the letters apart on the table.
  • Pick any category.
  • Toss a ring at the letters and try to land the ring around one.
  • Name something within the category you chose that starts with the letter the ring is around or closest to.
  • Continue until you have gotten the ring around each letter.


If you have more time, choose another category and start over. To make it more challenging, close your eyes when you toss the ring.

Brainercise 13d

Kit Supplies Needed:

Dry Erase Folder

Dry Erase Marker


  • Copy these 5-word scrambles one at a time onto the top of the folder.
  • See if you can unscramble each word using the hint provided. Hints are in parentheses. The category is “jobs”.
  • Write the real word at the bottom of the folder.

aylwre (Helps people stay out of jail.)

rctuk vrdeir (Takes supplies from one area to another.)

sparot (You find this person in the church.)

iwtare (He brings your meal.)

ilrabiran (This person reminds you to be quiet so others can concentrate.)


AP: Only give hints if necessary.

Answers: lawyer, truck driver, pastor, waiter, librarian.

Brainercise 13e

Kit Supplies Needed:



Color Gear


Popsicle Stick

Small Die

Pipe Cleaner



  • Put all the items in a pile in front of you.
  • Use the tweezers to pick up each item going in the order of how they are listed in the Supply List.
  • Put the first item on your right after you pick it up. If you drop it, return the item to the pile and start over.
  • Put the next item to the left.
  • Continue until all items have been picked up.