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1. More About the E-Learning Platform

About the Online E-Learning Platform

The online e-learning platform refers to being subscribed to a program as being enrolled in the courses within the program.

The sections that provide program information are called courses.

The first course in the program is this Getting Started Guide that should be completed before accessing the activities within the course.

You will have access to this Guide during your entire subscription so you can refer back to it as often as you need to.

Every 4 weeks a new course will become available that contains the weekly activity guides that contain the daily activity instructions for the program option you are enrolled in.

You will have access to the information in these areas for 28 days – the same term as your subscription period.

There is no need to rush through the activities because you cannot access the next 4-week course until the first day of the next subscription term. (every 28 days)

Try to stay on schedule and complete as many of the activities that you can during each 4-week subscription period because the material included in each 4-week course will no longer be available after the period ends.

Remember that while you will experience the best results the more you use the program, it is not necessary to complete every activity to benefit.

The key to success is following the Process-Focused Strategy while participating in the program in a consistent manner.

After you enter a course through Access My Course, you will see a course outline that displays the courses.

You may see courses that are for weeks that are not included in your current subscription term but you will not be able to access them until that 4-week subscription period.

You can also see how much of the course content you have completed and the last date and time you used the course.

Clicking on the Course Icon (picture) will take you to the course and return you to where you left off.

There is also a resume button that will do the same thing.

Once you access a course there will be a list of course content.

The activity sections are divided into weekly activities and are listed in chronological order by week to help you stay on track.

Occasionally there will be daily activities that you cannot or do not want to complete. That is okay.

You can do all, none, or some of the activities that are included each week.

You can do them one at a time, all at once, or in any quantity you choose during the week.

You can even move back and forth through all of the current 4-week courses as you see fit.

Simply click through the lesson outline to get to access the weekly content you want to complete.

After you complete courses you can mark that section complete.