Engagement Supply Kit Inventory

Your Engagement Supply Kit should arrive with all the items on the Inventory List that is inside the Engagement Kit Supply box. If an item is missing from the Kit or is damaged upon arrival, use the Contact Brain Stim link to describe what is missing or damaged. A replacement may be issued depending on the item. Not all Kits have the exact same items, but all Kits have items that are similar in type, quantity, and color.

Please Read Carefully!

  • Do not open ANY packages until an item is called for in the instructions.
  • ONLY use the quantity of the item the instructions call for.
  • Return all used items to the kit unless the instructions say to discard the item after use.
  • Only use the item(s) the instructions call for exactly how the instructions say to use it.
  • Only write/color directly onto paper when the instructions call for it. Put the papers inside the dry erase folder and use a dry erase marker to write on the dry erase folder. This allows items to be reused.
  • If an item that is to be returned to the Kit for later use is lost or damaged, you can find a replacement at any dollar-type store or order a replacement online.
  • When replacing items, make sure the TYPE, COLOR and QUANTITY of the original item is the same. The brand of the item does not matter.
  • Do not "borrow" from the kit for purposes other than Brain Stim.
  • A Kit is designed to last one year. New Kits are mailed upon annual renewal.
  • Not all Brain Stim activities will require using a Kit supply.
  • If the subscription is cancelled, the Kit does not have to be returned.
  • When possible, let the participant retrieve the items needed. Following the activity instructions let them also return the items to their packaging and then to the kit.
    ***NEVER leave the participant unsupervised with the Kit or any item from the Kit. Brain Stim, LLC is not liable for damage caused by a Kit item. (see Terms)